I’m Thirsty, Sweet T Sounds Good

The Naughty one and I went out (yes as friends) a couple of times and had a blast as usual. She is currently seeing a friend of mine that I set her up with. When she isn’t with him we sometimes will do stuff. Lately, it seems that hasn’t been hard to acquire a girl. As brash and bold as that sounds, it is what it is. My next B happened to come along surprisingly easy as well.

One night that NN and I were out, she was to have a former roommate come out with us. NN’s phone was dying and she used my phone to text her and ask her when she was. She then told us she was tired and was staying in. I had seen a pic of her and she was cute. I told her she was missing out and got no response. NN and I had a great night and the next day I got a crazy hair up my ass and sent a pic to (who will be now known as) Sweet T. With the pic I said, “this is me, where you at?” A minute or so later, she responded. We talked for a few minutes and that was it. The next day I talked to her more. We got along pretty darn well for people who had never met. We discussed an event on Wednesday that she was going to and she invited NN and I to it. The next day, the event was cancelled and I wasn’t going to let a chance to meet this girl pass me up so we arranged to play pool on her side of town. I don’t know why, it wasn’t like I was going to do anything with her, she was married after all. Oh well, worst case scenario I meet a new friend.

I picked up NN and we headed over to see Sweet T. We had been texting all day, and were excited to finally meet each other. When she got out of her car she was wearing a thin long sleeve sweater and shorts (she was quite boobylicious I might add 🙂 ). It was like 95 degrees out, LOL. She mentioned something about the possibility of rain and we all laughed. Because sweaters repel water right? Haha. We hugged hello. Then (imagine this) later she complained of being hot. It was cute and funny. The three of us played pool as we waited for NN’s dude to come play. We started talking and ended up talking about my OM. I didn’t want to freak the poor girl out over a text from somebody she hadn’t ever met. She seemed interested but didn’t really know what it meant. We discussed it a little then moved on. I bought her a drink and we picked music together on the jukebox. We had an overall really good time. At the end we hugged and said goodnight. We continued to text the next morning.

  She was very open with me and stated how easy it was to talk to me. She, also, was easy to talk to. We texted a lot. She was married, to a navy guy. He was at sea. I have had my reservations about this situation, but I let the girl kind of decide. She said she had only been married for like 6 months and he had been gone for 5 of those and not scheduled to return for another month or so. We discussed going out again with NN and her bf. We planned it for the weekend. I have no expectations at this point. She is just an attractive friend that I get along with pretty well. We joked a lot too, about not being able to keep our hands and lips off of each other.

  She had never been to “church” before, so of course I had to take her there for her first time. She had always wanted to, but hadn’t ever done it. She’s straight, but likes kissing girls every once in a while. Who can blame her? LOL. The weekend came and we decided to go to a bar at the beach to have a few before we went to church. She was super excited to go to church. I met the girls at a local outside mall, as they were shopping for an outfit for the night. After they made their purchases we went to eat a local Mexican place. We headed back to Sweet T’s place, so they could get ready. I sat on the sofa listening to music while they showered and readied themselves. After they got ready NN’s boy stopped in. We headed out to the bar. Both girls looked great in their new dresses :).

  Once we got to the bar we ordered drinks. The Naughty one and I always goofing, danced silly. Sweet T was too nervous and hadn’t drunk enough yet”. She said she liked watching us though. I was very close to Sweet T and maybe even brushed her back a little with my arm 😉 just to see. I could tell there was something there, but I wasn’t sure. I tend to err on the side of caution. I bought Patron shots all around, hoping to get everybody loose for church. A little later after looking into her eyes a few times I felt like…maybe she wants me to. So I leaned in, and… She said “Hi”. Fuck! She didn’t reciprocate. Ok, so maybe she just isn’t ready. I didn’t try again… at that bar. We were ready to head to church. We loaded up and went to the strip joint. NN’s bf didn’t end up going which kind of pissed her off, but she made the best of it.

  I always like seeing girls reactions to places like that, especially if it’s their first time. Sweet T embraced it and really seemed into it, yet I knew she was really nervous. Got our drinks and I let them get acclimated to the place before I had her go down to the catwalk where the dancers were. Before we finished our first drink a saw the next girl up was a girl I had known from a while back that had left (and apparently came back) about a year ago. Candy was the one for Sweet T. We walked down and sat next to where they dance. Candy noticed me immediately and shot over and hugged me. I told her it was Sweet T’s first time and to spoil her, LOL. She said “NO PROBLEM”. Strippers love girls with nice big tits anyway. Plus Candy is bisexual. Haha, it was fun watching her reactions! She was smiling at me and at her the whole time. Then Candy moved on to NN and gave her something special. Then I got a little something ;). We eventually moved to a couch and sat together while Candy danced again. Then she came down and sat with us and chatted it up. NN was texting her boy while Sweet T and I listened to Candy tell us her stories. At that point I was ready to try again… NN went to get a drink and Candy had turned to talk to one of her co-workers. I leaned in and Mmm! She Kissed Back!! She lied, she said she wasn’t a good kisser. She was awesome! All the lights, music, her mouth… it was great. NN came back and we both gave her the guilty face. We were ready to go at that point, NN was going to her boys and maybe I could spend some time with the Sweet one.

  Once we got back to her place, NN asked if I could take her to her boys since she had been drinking. I happily obliged. I then asked Sweet T if she would like for me to come back to hang out for a bit after I dropped NN off. She quietly said ,”yes”. I then hauled ass to the guys apartment that NN had to get to. I dropped her off and hauled ass… but the NN calls me and says, “the door is locked and I’m pounding on it and no one is answering”. FML! I had to turn around and go pick her up again because no one would answer the door. On the way back she said she had another friend that she was going to hang with. We got back, to Sweet T’s and I said goodnight to NN and then went into Sweet T’s place. Mind you it was almost 3am by this time. She greeted me in a t-shirt and running shorts. She invited me over to the couch. We had the nervous chatter at first but she and I knew what was to happen. I wanted those lips again. I reached in and brought her close to me. As I came closer she said “hi” again and I kissed her again. It was great! It was like a cute little nervous thing she did. (Our kissing time quicky became known as “Hi'” time :)) I slowly worked my hands down onto her lovely boobies :). Real and real nice. She was kind of shy and that was a total turn on. I knew she wanted it, but she wasn’t crazy aggressive. My mouth ended up on her tits, mmm. Her shirt came off. My hand rubbing her nether-region, while I was licking and sucking. She was moaning, and WET! I decided that I would give her a little of my specialty. I pulled her shorts down. It seemed like it was meant to be, not forced in any way. I kissed her again and worked her with my finger at first. Then kissed her all the way down. I began to kiss her and lick her very passionately down there. WOW she was wet. Moaning and squirming all the while. I did this for at least 30 minutes or so. I thought I had made her cum at least 4-5 times. She couldn’t take anymore. She pulled me up and we kissed again. At this point it was close to 4:15am and I had a 45  min drive in front of me. As much as I really didn’t want to, I decided to finish the night with that. Since it was so late. She understood and she got dressed. We kissed some more, then I left into the darkness… looking forward to more “Hi” time ;).


Well, She was the Guinea Pig of Sorts

  Goodnight Girl was a guinea pig, sort of. She was the first girl who my Queen B and I discussed. We talked about what we had plans for, what she was like, etc. She seemed genuinely interested. I was obviously way apprehensive at first. I double and triple checked to make sure she wanted to know and could handle it before we got further with the discussion. She said she was good. I was actually happy, as I really wanted to have her be a part of my life outside the house. I am super supportive of her and her GF and she is free to tell me any details that she wishes. I have been that way since the beginning.

  Well, one evening we were getting ready to play in the bedroom and she asked if I had “done anything sexual” with Goodnight Girl (we were still together at the time). Hmm, if I tell the truth she may get upset, if I lie… well, it’s lying. I told the truth. She was shocked that I had done something “so quickly”. What you have to understand with my Queen B is she has virtually no sex drive, and never has. She will be the first to admit it. Don’t get me wrong, she enjoys our time together once we are together and she gets satisfied, usually several times. But she doesn’t think about sex like you and I do. It’s a physiological thing. It’s not stress, or kids, or a mortgage… she has been that way all her life. She doesn’t ever have lustful thoughts about anyone, much less me. It was a struggle earlier on in our marriage, but I just came to accept it, or ignore it. Now we have sex usually 2-3 times a week so it’s not like we don’t have sex, that’s not the point. The point is, she doesn’t really WANT it. It usually starts with, “hey, do you wanna go do something before I go to bed?” Never has it ever been, “hey, I’ve been thinking about you all day…” or something like that. Now, we are happily married and are going through the same struggles that most people are: kids, bills, family health issues, etc. She has yet (after being with her over a year) to do anything sexual with her GF other than a handjob once. Her GF figured it out a long time ago that she was not very sexual.

  When I told her about what GG and I had done, her getting weirded out about the fact that I had done something kind of offended me. Did she think I was dating these girls for 6 months before I touched them? LOL uh, no.  It was a fling and nothing more. I wasn’t looking for anything more. I wasn’t after a relationship like she was in. We discussed it rationally and had our fun before she went to sleep. We continued to talk about GG and me and what we did, just less descriptive. She seemed fine with that. Then she kind of got into it asking about her, how she was doing, any pics etc. It was nice to be able to share. It felt like it was right, truly open. Then BAM! GG ended it. I informed GG of her guinea pig status at the end too, I don’t think she was pleased, but I wanted to let her know. It was shocking for My Queen B and I that it was over. We talked about it and moved on.

  Now this was not meant to be anything but informative about my Queen B, not a bash session. I love her dearly and she is my soulmate. I just wanted to give more insight on my home life so that you may understand where I am coming from.

Goodnight and Goodbye…

  Goodnight Girl and I set up our plans for Saturday night. We were to go eat sushi and then go bowling. What happened after was TBD. As stated before I’m pretty punctual and expect the same courtesy, however, GG has told me before that she was notoriously late. So, with that warning, I expected some times for her to be late. I arrived on time at the sushi place (a different location than my norm). After 20 minutes I texted her to ask if everything was ok. She then acted like the time that we had set up was 10 minutes from now. Hmm, so I checked my text messages from earlier and, no I was right. But whatever, I wasn’t going to argue about something so non-important.  She then didn’t show up at the time we discussed. after another 20 minutes I texted her. she apologized and said she was on her way. By the time she actually showed up I had been waiting over an hour and was minutes from bolting. It’s just rude and inconsiderate.

  We went in and ordered our food right away, as I was starving at that point. We talked about our day while they prepared the food. She had added extensions to her hair which made it even bigger than normal, but it looked good. She was dressed kind of casual, but we were going bowling, it was ok. Our dinner was exceptional and filling. We paid the tab and walked outside. At that point, of course she lit up. We then realized how late it was and we agreed it was too late to go bowling. So, we decided to go dancing.

  We went to a club we are both familiar with and like the music there. As we pulled in (we drove separately) I asked her to come sit in my SUV for a few minutes, as it was a little early for the club. She then breaks out the make up drawer, complete with fake eyelashes, LOL. She touches up her make up and then proceeded to install her eyelashes. All the while, I played DJ. I didn’t mind, it was just different. She certainly was a more made up girl, then I was used to. She finished up and we walked in.

  We bellied up to the bar and we ordered our drinks. As we were drinking, she decided to text a bunch of people to see if they wanted to come party. She asked me first, and I was fine with it. She heard a song that she liked and just left me with her purse and drink. It was kind of odd, I mean I’m not really the bump and grind type anyway. She didn’t ask if I’d like to come with. Another one of her idiosyncrasies, I guess. Moving on, none of her “friends” answered her text and we did end up on the dance floor together later but with plenty of space between us. It was cool, that’s how I normally dance anyway. We kissed in-between songs and I would have my hands around her. We had another drink or two and decided it was time to leave. We got back to the vehicles and I told her to follow me ;). She texted me a picture of her big beautiful boobs on the way :D.

 In the rain, I drove us to a quiet neighborhood and stopped. She got out and we made out in the rain for a few minutes. I then opened the back door and we climbed in. I turned the music on, as we continued. I quickly had her shirt off and those pierced wonders in my mouth. We did some dry-humping too which was fun. I slid my hand into her pants and onto her wetness. I rubbed that pierced clit as she moaned and kissed me harder. I after some warm up, I took her pants off. I then proceeded to lick her ;P. She seemed to really enjoy it. Moaning and squirming all over the backseat. It didn’t take too long before she was cumming on me.  I didn’t finish with one, of course :). At that point my mast was rising and ready. I sat back and let her work her magic on my member. She was quite aggressive, though it felt good. With my hands on her bobbing head I came in her mouth, she swallowed every last drop. Ahh… good times. We kissed some more and got dressed. We then got out and walked to her vehicle.

  At that point she proceeded to tell me that this would be our last meeting and she just couldn’t do it anymore. She felt guilty, even though her hubby was in prison and she was on the path of divorce. She is a practicing Catholic and the guilt just overcame her. She also mentioned that she didn’t know if she would be able to control her feelings for me, especially later down the road. She even mentioned that she could not be friends with me, because of our history, it would be too hard. I thought that was odd, but I respected her decision. We talked about it and hugged her good-bye. She had obviously been thinking about it and had a statement ready for the end of the night.

  Oh well we had fun while it lasted. She was far from perfect. I had issues with her that I held back on, like the non-texting and being late. But overall, she was cool and fun and definitely different from anyone I have ever dated.

Goodnight Girl Meets the Naughty One

  Naughty N. asked if she could go to the local bike night with me on Wednesday. I said, “sure”, and offered to take her up there on my Harley. She really had no experience on a bike but wanted to go. We planned for it then she cheesed out and asked if we could play pool at the local hall with a couple of her relatives. I had no problem with that and readily agreed. On the way home from work Goodnight Girl texted me and told me about her rough day and how she needed a drink. I then told her that I was meeting NN for pool, and being the nice guy asked her if she would like to come. She asked the particulars and said she might :). I told NN that she may come but I really doubted it as far away as she lived. I also told my wife of the possibility that she may come out too.

  NN seemed cool with it. I drove over to her to her place  and we walked to the pool hall. Once we got there we bought some beer and put some music on the jukebox. We started our first round. It had been several hours since I texted GG and sent her a “?” text, just curious if she was coming. Expecting a “sorry, I can’t make it”, I was surprised when it read, “five minutes away”. Cool, I mean, she drove 40 minutes to come see me :).  She came in, and I quickly greeted her and gave her the introductions. I bought her a beer and she sat while we finished our game. We talked and I asked her to play with us. She did and she played as bad as me which made me feel good. Haha!

  She talked about going to a bar about 10 minutes up the street that she passed on the way there. NN and relatives decided to stay home. So we followed each other to the bar. It’s a total biker bar. It only had maybe 5 people in it including the staff. It was fine with me, and her. We bellied up to the bar to find out it was a beer only bar, she wanted liquor. Oh well, we were there we ordered beer. We talked about her military time, as well as some other subjects. We would give pecks intermittently. She slung her leg over one of mine so I was rubbing it while we talked. We were the last people there and decided to leave.  Since we both worked the next day we decided that we would finish here. I walked her over to her car.

  We started to kiss and did it pretty passionately. I somehow found my mouth on her big, beautiful breasts and pierced nipples again ;). I rubbed her all over as she rubbed my cock through my pants. We kissed for a good while. We both knew it was getting late and she had a long drive. So, we finished up and said our good nights. We were both amped for Saturday night…

She’s Pierced There, There, and THERE!

  After that last Friday night concert fiasco, Goodnight Girl said she had plans for our next Saturday together. She even told me which restaurant. As I have stated before, she is woman with a strong personality. It’s attractive that she can make decisions too, not always relying on the guy to come up with the ideas. She called me that Saturday afternoon out of nowhere. I was getting dinner with the kids and she just wanted to talk about her day for a few minutes. It was cool, I didn’t mind. I told her what I was doing and she said, “call me later if you want to” :). I did later call her that evening and we talked for about an hour. Again, just friendly stuff. It was nice.

  As the week progressed we texted off and on. On Wednesday I double checked to make sure we were still on for Saturday night. She gave me the “yep”. I was anticipating it. She told me about 3pm that she would meet me at 8:30pm for dinner at the restaurant. A little later than normal for me, but I would survive. Then around that same time I started sneezing. I mean Sneezy McSneezing. I don’t have allergies, but something just came over me and I couldn’t stop it. It was almost funny, but not. I’ve never really taken anything for just sneezing, but I couldn’t stop it and the sinus stuff. I went to the local drugstore and picked up some Claritin. Prayed that it would work and took one. It did nothing for almost 2 hours. I showered up and got dressed, still a sneeze here and there but it soon cleared up. Whew! That would have sucked if I couldn’t get it under control.

  I left earlier than I knew she would be ready and went to the hookah lounge for a beer to pass the time.  As 8pm approached I got a text, “9 o’clock pls”. Shit, I was hungry, had that medicine in me and I was on my second beer. Ugh. So, I texted her back, “Ur still wanting to eat, rt?”. and she said “yes”. What was I going to say, forget it? LOL. I got to the restaurant just before 9 and texted her that I was there. The phone began to ring, she was 15 minutes away and wanted me to go ahead and order. She gave me her order and I got a table upstairs where the bar was. I ordered for us. She finally arrived about 9:20. She was wearing a cleavage-revealing black top and black pants with heels. She looked very nice. We hugged and she sat down. We talked for a short while before our food came out. She drank a pomegranate martini and I was drinking ice tea. I was hungry and just didn’t feel like having another drink at the time. Soon after a few glasses, I noticed the caffeine was affecting me. With the drug I guess I was kind of tweaking, LOL. Trying to act normal, I couldn’t finish my food. As we were talking after dinner one of her friends called and said they were going to be at a local bar and wanted us to meet them. She warned me that they were some of her tattooer friends, that were balls out crazy. I said, “no problem!” As we got the bill she asked the waitress for it. I said, “what are you doing?” She said that she still owed me for the drinks from our previous night together and it was important that I knew that she wanted to pay. I said “ok, but you really don’t have to”. She insisted.

  We then headed for the bar that her friends were meeting us at, it was a block away and we decided to just walk. We got in there and bellied up to the bar. At that point I was ready for another beer. She ordered a cherry limeade drink. After a little while, her friends came in. They were already half lit. We were really just getting started. I saw a few mutual friends of mine and my wife’s and said hello. They asked about my wife and I just blew it off that I was out with some friends. They don’t know about our OM. Goodnight Girl didn’t lie, these guys were crazy. It was fun though. they were funny. One of them was totally hitting on a lesbian, with her girlfriend sitting right next to her. LOL. One of them bought us a round of whiskey shots. The other was just an apprentice and pretty much was just their bitch. After a little while they said they wanted to go to another bar. We headed to the other bar after walking to a corner store so she could purchase some cigarettes. We got in the other bar ordered our beers sat down and one of the guys started showing his ass, no literally showing his ass. he pulled his pants down and had his shirt barely covering it. Soon after, we were asked to have him leave. We didn’t have 2 sips on our beers at that point. We left anyway :(. They directed us to the next destination about 1/2 mile away. By this time, the apprentice had passed out. they were practically dragging him to the car. Goodnight girl and I got in our cars and she followed me to the bar. We got in and sat down while the three stooges were across the street at another tattoo shop.

  We talked more normally. The place didn’t close until 3am so we had time. We just talked about our lives and I just wasn’t sure if there was a vibe there or not. I can be dumb about that, like just about every other dude out there. I mean, I knew we liked each other friends wise. She wanted Awful Waffle AKA Waffle House, so we ditched her friends and went there. We ordered our food, she put some tunes on the jukebox. We finished our grub. We paid. Before we left she said she needed to use restroom. before she headed to it she asked if I would like some gum. BAM! that was my cue. I had always heard if a girl offers you gum, more often than not, she wants to kiss you. I went outside to wait for her under the awning. I had joked with my friend R that I was scared that if I leaned for a kiss and she didn’t want it, she might knock me out.LOL. I mean she is a former Marine.

  Ok, so she comes out and she makes idle chit-chat for a minute. I grabbed her hips and moved her in front of me. She looked at me and smiled. I went in. 🙂  Here under the awning with a half-dozen drunk idiots at 3:30 in the morning, we kissed. We quickly walked over to her suv. We began making out heavy. It was great. She kissed wonderfully. She soon dropped her keys and purse. After a little bit of the making out she pulled her bra down on one side to reveal one of her beautiful pierced nipples. I began to lick and nibble on it. Kissing her again, she revealed the other side. Balanced with another matching piercing. At this point she was practically dry humping me, it was Hot! She unbuttoned her pants for me and I slid my hand down to feel her wetness. She was soaking, or as she said “sopping”. I felt another piercing down there above her clit as I was rubbing it. She then began to rub my cock. Then her hand went inside my pants. Thirty minutes earlier I didn’t even know if she wanted to kiss me! She then asked if I would like to take a ride ;). Keep in mind it was almost 4am. We drive for about 5 minutes to find a secluded area. She parks and gets out and gets in the back seat, I follow her lead. She laid down and we kissed again. I played with her tits as I sucked on them. I then slid my hand down again to her clit. Moments later she was taking her pants off. This revealed a black thong. I slid it to the side and used my hand and slowly worked my head down there. She was moaning as I began to lick and flick her clit. She was soaking wet. I gave her head for probably 15 minutes or so. She enjoyed it ;). I wasn’t sure but I thought she came once or twice. She brought me up and wanted to get me started up. At this point it was like 4:20, I was tired, full, medication kinda gave me a headache, so I knew that wasn’t going to happen. I told her that it was her time and I would get taken care of the next time, if there was one. I explained that it had nothing to do with her, and it didn’t. I was turned on it just wasn’t showing. We talked for a little while, she asked about “the rules”. She also told me that she hadn’t ever cheated on her hubby, or been with a guy since him (almost two years). But she saw how this could work for her too. We got buttoned back up and drove back to my car. I kissed her goodnight, and drove home. Walked in the door just after 5. What a night!

  The next morning my Queen B asked if I had fun. I said yes. I went to kiss her, and she said, “I don’t know where those lips have been”. I then said, “I do!” and kissed her ;). She laughed. I was cautiously anxious to talk to her about my date. We really didn’t talk about it much after that, until the next day…

“Sure We Can Switch Nights, Who Are You Going to the Concert With?”

  Uh, that’s right! I asked my Queen B if we could switch nights. She first said that it was fine, then proceeded to ask me why I needed to switch. For those of you that haven’t read my complete blog, my wife and I have a don’t ask/ don’t tell policy when it comes to my activities. She just doesn’t want to know, it’s her choice. So, I kind of sank in my chair as I texted her. I wasn’t going to lie. I told her it was to go to a rockabilly concert. She then guessed that it was with Goodnight Girl, based on her looks and style. She knew that we talked, and had mutual friends. She, I think, thought that we had gone out many times before, but I had cleared it up with her several weeks ago, that we hadn’t ever met, just Facebook stuff. I was compelled to tell her the truth. I told her that we met for the first time, the week before and she invited me to go with her and her friends to the concert. Surprisingly, she was very cool about it. I mean, she really knows nothing about my Saturday night activities unless I volunteer information. She knows, on occasion, I go out with Naughty N. but that’s different because we are friends. My Dimitria was mentioned a long time ago, but never again. I have to admit it was kind of scary, yet refreshing that she knew the truth and whom it was with.

  I kind of like that I feel like Batman on Saturday nights. I’m like a different person. My personality is the same but it’s like I have an alter ego. I have always told my Queen B that if she wanted the truth, she would get it. I have told her all along to tell me the details of her relationship. I feel like she does that, though I’m sure some may be omitted. She knows that I love her and that I don’t get jealous of her and her girlfriend. Sometimes, I think she doesn’t believe me. I have to constantly reinforce that I’m good with her and her gf. We originally loosely set our OM up to not have constant girlfriends but that kind of went wayward when she began dating her longtime lesbian friend. She asked me if it was ok before they did, because I knew that she was a longtime friend and not just a stranger. I was approving of it immediately, I had seen the writing on the wall. Besides, I knew that Queen B was very nervous about meeting people and had zero game other than her beautiful looks. She was also extremely picky. Not a good combo when trying to meet new people. Anyway, here we are a year later and they are still together. My point is I can’t feel bad or guilty that she knows something, regardless of her rules. I mean she asked the question. I guess Goodnight Girl will be the guinea pig.

  So, as the week progressed Good night Girl and I texted each other, though she’s not much of a texter. She admitted it to me, she’d rather talk on the phone than text. That’s fine and well, but just hard to do with life going on. Thursday came and I happened to ask someone on Facebook from the bar that was hosting the concert about prices and so forth, when the guy proceeded to tell me that the place had been shut down by the state for 30 days and he had no idea if the concert would be moved to another venue. I immediately told Goodnight Girl and her friend that I knew. They couldn’t believe it and were pissed. They contacted one of the members of the bands and verified that they were in fact not coming to town because if the closure. We talked throughout the night and I asked her if she would still like to meet up. She then said her friend wanted to just have a girls night out. I said, “that’s cool.” But inside I was like Fuck! I couldn’t believe it, I went through all of this, including exposure to my Queen, and I’m not even going to get to go!

  The next day my Queen asked me if I was excited about my date. I said, “I was.” Then I proceeded to tell her the situation. She was sad for me, but I think she was secretly ok with it, lol. I texted Special K and asked her if she would like to hang and she was down, but she was hanging at her hubby’s bar. I told her that was cool with me. I’m always down for a little karaoke. I went out to dinner alone once again, and had a beer at my favorite hookah lounge. Chatting with Special K and Goodnight Girl via text while sipping on my beer. I asked Goodnight Girl if we could at least drunk text each other and she laughed and said “yep”. That was the last time I heard from her that night.

  I headed to go hang with Special K. I was happy to see her, but I have to admit I wasn’t sure if I was ready to fuck her again. I figured I’d hang for a few songs and roll out. Then I remembered that Naughty N. and her BF were coming by to meet Special K’s hubby for approval for a possible threesome between Special K and Naughty N. and her BF. So maybe I would stay and see what happens. Special K and I hugged and I went over and shook her hubby’s hand. Both are very friendly, cool people. I sat next to her and we started to chat while the singing ensued. She brought her camera and asked if she could take some pictures. I told her as long as she didn’t tag me in them on FB it was cool. They were just fun pics anyways, nothing incriminating, LOL. Naughty N. and her BF came by soon after. We all said our hello’s and got drinks. We talked, took pictures and I sang. Special K’s hubby stopped by on occasion to chat with us when someone was singing, so he could get more acquainted with NN’s BF. But before NN and her BF left, Special K had a friend give her some “smoke”. She then asked if I would like to drive with her while she smoked it. I thought she was kidding at first. She was serious though. I declined. Do I want to ride with someone who has just had at least 3-4 drinks and is going to partake in smoking an illegal drug all while driving at the same time? Uh, that would be a NO! Her chain-smoking has become more and more annoying, but the drug use just tops it off. Her use is daily, sometimes several times a day. I think she was kind of pouty about me not going with her, but I wasn’t sure. Another thing that kind of bugged me was the fact that I asked if she would like to go kiss for a few minutes in my car and she said, “not right now.” I then figured out why she didn’t want to. After she got back from her drive she asked if I wanted to come see her in her car for a few. I went out there. She was, of course, stoned. She slurred her words and had heavy eyes. It was quite unattractive, but I didn’t have the heart to tell her. I kissed her for like a minute, then she was jumpy to get back in there. So we did. NN and her BF left soon after we got back in.

  I sang again after her hubby surprised me with a song that I didn’t request. He made good when he played the right song. When I got back Special K said that “you don’t have to stay til close”. I guess I misunderstood her, because I thought she said “we don’t have to”. A song or two later and I thought ok, I’ll give it another shot, what the hell. So, I said do you want to leave after this song. She then quickly said that she was sorry but she was staying with her hubby and they were going to have fun together. Their kids had just left after being there for several weeks, and they were ready to let loose. It was a big “whoops” on my part. I obviously misunderstood her. She apologized profusely, making sure I wasn’t mad. I was secretly relieved.

  I told Special K soon after that I was headed out. She walked me to my car and kissed me goodnight. I had sent 2-3 texts to Goodnight Girl throughout the night with no response. I knew she was out having fun with her girl and didn’t want to seem obnoxious or clingy so I didn’t text again and went home. All in all a good night, just some awkward moments.

A Pin-up, Tattoos and Sex(y)!

  The week after Special K and I had some boom-boom time she had her kids and could not arrange for a babysitter. So, because of the last-minute notice that she couldn’t make it, I was left hanging. It was ok, I wasn’t mad, or upset…these things happen. I didn’t have any other back up plans so I decided to message a girl that I had been talking to on Facebook. We had mutual friends and I had seen her through the years at various clubs and bars but never spoken with her.  I, in fact, thought about it later and realized that I had seen her at my work before. We got along very well and talked on FB chat a lot, just normal friendly stuff, nothing sexual. I had told her about my situation, so she didn’t feel weird about talking to a married guy. I had told her that we should get drinks and hang out sometime and she said, “absolutely”.I called her my Goodnight Girl because she was always on late and we usually ended up saying goodnight to each other. Anyway back to the story, I just wanted to preface that with where I met her and so forth.

  I sent the message late afternoon, assuming that she was at work, I didn’t expect a rapid response. The message read, “I don’t know if you would even be interested, but I’m free tonight if you would like to have a drink. I hope you are well.” I went ahead and ate alone, checking my inbox for a possible answer to my message. After dinner, I was having a drink and got a response :). She said that she would love to but she was “100% broke.” I told her I didn’t care and that I had her drinks. She said she felt really bad and that she did not normally do that sort of thing and if she had her own money she would go for sure. She is fiercely independent. I said, “Fuck That! Get ready”. I then gave her my digits and told her to text me, it’s easier to communicate that way. We texted out the details and she agreed to meet me in about 45 minutes at a new bar for the both of us.

  Now Goodnight Girl is a different type of girl. She is totally different from anyone I have ever dated, yet similar in some ways. She has a daughter, and is married. The hubby is out of the picture though. The divorce is eminent. Looks wise is where she differs greatly. She has a pin-up look with a rockabilly style and tattoos…a lot of tattoos. I mean she has probably 60% or more of her body covered. She and her hubby used to own a tattoo shop. I have always been attracted to girls with tattoos like that, in fact SuicideGirls.com and GodsGirls.com are probably my two favorite websites and they feature girls just like her.  She is a hair stylist and has great hair too, of course. She’s very stylish too, which I really appreciate. Another thing that I knew would be nice is we have very similar tastes in things such as music, bars, clubs, concerts and tattoos. Something I really haven’t had with another girl, besides Naughty N.

  I drove to the bar and was a few minutes early, it was only 10pm. I walked in and the joint looked very cool, brick walls, nice art and furniture. Only problem was, the place was empty! I mean I was the only patron. Ruh-Roh! I sat down and started talking to the bartender. He was very nice and proceeded to tell me that the place doesn’t start hopping til about 11 or so. I thought, no problem, it’ll give us time to talk without the crazy crowds and music. I sat there drinking my first as I watched a movie on the plasma screen in front of me. A few more people started to trickle in. She was about 5 minutes late when she texted me and said she was running a few minutes behind. I was anxious to meet her, finally. It’s always awkward at first. About 20 minutes went by and I got another message, “Fuck Downtown!”. She was having trouble parking because of a detour, LOL. I told her don’t rush, just get here safely.

  By this time I was looking at everyone coming in, but trying to play it cool too. She finally arrived :). Wow, she was a looker. She commanded all the attention when she walked in. She walked right over to me and we hugged. She was wearing a fitted black dress, but not too tight, and heels. Her hair was red, like Twizzlers red, and up kind of 50’s like. I had only seen her pics on FB and they were all with black hair. She had pale skin, which I prefer. The tattoos were hot, but I didn’t dare stare. I almost avoided looking at them because of my paranoia that she might think I’m like everybody that judges her because of them. I couldn’t really tell how tall she was, because of her heels, but she was slightly shorter than me in them and I’m 6’0″. She has nice fake tits and is proud of them, as she should be. She had great legs too. She’s not skinny but not fat by any means. Normal weight, but she carries it well.

  She ordered a drink, something that tasted like bubblegum. We talked, a lot. She, probably more than me. I was intrigued by her, she was interesting to me. Come to find out, she was roommates with my tattoo artist in the 90’s before he even had one, LOL. We went to the same clubs and liked more of that alternative music culture. She told me about her and her hubby. As people came in the music got louder and we had to sit closer to hear each other ;). Thank you MR. DJ. The bar did not allow for smoking and, unfortunately, she smoked. We asked the bartender to watch our drinks while we went outside. Outside we couldn’t help ourselves, we started mocking some of the “fist pumping” people there. We realized quickly that the bar was very trendy, though it was nice, they played just lame, mainstream music. After a cigarette, we headed back in. Sat back at the bar and talked more, and making fun of the music and some of the characters there. She has kind of a tough exterior but I felt like she’s probably a big softy once you can break down the walls. We went out for another smoke break to find our seats taken when we came back in. We moved towards the dance floor. It was quite fun watching all the “normals” look at her and I like we were a circus sideshow. Yet we were making fun of their lame music, clothes, and dance moves. I asked her if she would like to go to another bar, but she said, “No, that she was having fun, despite this being the 3rd Britney Spears song of the night”. We laughed a lot. I didn’t feel like “the moves” would be appropriate, so I didn’t put any on. I did, on occasion, touch her shoulder and guide her with my hand on her lower back. As the night was coming to a close another couple came up to us and noticed what we were doing and they were laughing along with us. They were very friendly and asked us how long we had been married, LOL!! Uh…Uhhh.. we’re not married, not to each other anyway. It was a little awkward to say the least, she was cool about it though. The other couple seemed a little surprised but they rolled with it. They ended up buying us shots and we talked to them after the club closed. They were married and knew the bartender/ manager. I wasn’t sure but I think they may have been swingers trolling. They were a good-looking young couple, don’t get me wrong, but that was not in the cards for the evening. We said our goodbyes to them and I went in to pay the tab. I came out and Goodnight Girl proceeded to tell me that some douchebag in an Affliction shirt was razzing her about her tattoos and how she’ll never get a “real job” and so forth. She stood up for herself well but it’s funny, that he waited for me to leave before he said anything. I do not tolerate bullshit like that and that guy is lucky he still has a full mouth of teeth. He was already in his car driving away as I came back out. We decided to walk back to the cars. I walked her to hers and she hugged me and thanked me for a great night and that we should do it again sometime. We texted each other on the way home and she told me that I should see if I could switch nights and go with her and her friends to a rockabilly concert the following Friday. I said, “OK will do!” I knew that Special K would have to be passed over, but I had to strike while the iron was HOT…